Start 2019 with spirituality and chakras

17 Jan 2019 | Infinite Montage, Themes

Why chakras ?
I passed my 30s this year and even if I’ve always been interested in spirituality,  I must say I’m more of a science person. I need concrete experiences to validate a theory. My believes are what they are because I can see, touch, hear, taste and conceptualise them.

He hey but time passed, leaving so many thoughts lost in this curious winding sponge under my skull and at one point I start to ask myself :

“My senses are actually just specialized tools to feel a very specific stimulus”

feel almost nothing from the real world. I’m prisoner of this wonderful engineering but yet limited version of what can be a living … thing.

So yeah I think for the future, I’ll let myself more open to some spirituality hoping to get a littl’ more conscious of reality, if this kind of stuff exists … 

Send me any image or piece of art related to spirituality, health or any positive vibes !

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